Making Your Books Indestructible

As teachers we know how critical reading to children is for their literacy development, but did you know that more than half of low-income families do not have children's books in their homes? One way we can help bring books into children's homes is establishing a lending library in our classrooms.    High quality books can be expensive to replace so I wanted to share a way to make the books in your lending library virtually indestructible--tear proof and easy to clean!

What You'll Need:
[I've included Amazon links for your shopping ease. If you make a purchase using my link, Amazon credits me a very small percentage. But don't worry, it doesn't cost you any extra!] 
paperback books
staple remover
paper cutter
laminating pouches
binding machine and coils or binder rings and 3-hole punch


1. Disassemble the book by removing the staples on the spine.

2. Cut the cover and pages in half. 

3. Laminate the pages and trim the excess, but be sure to leave enough lamination on the left side for the binding. [I used to buy the Scotch laminating pouches until I discovered Amazon sells other brands for much cheaper. The quality is just as good and they are sometimes nearly half the price!] 


4. Punch holes using a book binding machine or 3-hole punch. I purchased this binding machine several years ago and use it quite frequently! It comes in handy for projects like this. If you don't have a binding machine, binder rings and a 3-hole punch will work just as well! 

5. Cut off the excess coil. [Skip this step if you're using a 3-hole punch and binder rings.] 

6. Bind the cover and pages. 

You can send home high-quality books without worry this way! Your little scholars will love having a rotation of books to read with their families. 

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