November Currently! Or yes, I do still exist.

It's been a minute (read: months) since I've blogged so I thought I'd ease right back into it with one of my favorite blogger link-ups...Currently!

Listening: The game is long over now but it was good until the end when Ole Miss lost. My fiance used to tease that my family is un-American because we didn't watch football growing up. Like ever. Okay, maybe the Super Bowl but that's it. Perhaps having a nationally ranked football team nearby helped turn me into a fan! 

Loving: I am always, always, always hot and now that the weather has turned cold today was the first day I didn't have to turn the air conditioner on in my house. Jason teases that he has to sleep in a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and a hat because I keep the air conditioner set at 66 degrees. Crazy? Possibly. But I sure am comfortable! 

Thinking: I get to go to the NAEYC Conference in Dallas this week but I haven't even started to pack. And I'm not going to check a bag which makes the thought of packing doubly exhausting. 

Wanting: I'm getting married in June and finally ordered my Save the Dates! He's from New Jersey, I'm from California, and we live in Mississippi so we thought a Las Vegas wedding would be so fun for our friends and family! My mom found these perfect Save the Dates. Did you see that they are scratch offs?! Can't wait for them to arrive! 

Needing: We bought a house and moved in June but had quite a hectic summer so I've yet to unpack my home office. I'd show you a picture but just think about a little old lady on an episode of Hoarders. That's about what it looks like. 

Reading: I read more blogs, People magazines, and Facebook posts (just keepin' it real) more than anything but I've started a new Jodi Picoult and I'm already loving it. I've never been disappointed with any of her books! 

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