Environmental Print Class Project

Last week we began our Environmental Print Class Project and I thought I'd share it with you too! I sent home a letter on Monday explaining environmental print and how our project will work. Feel free to use the letter below to create your own :)

We follow a Letter of the Week curriculum so each week students will collect print that begins with the Letter of the Week. When my first kiddo brought some in on Tuesday I made a very big deal out of it..."Wow! Look at all the letters you found in your house!" Pretty soon we had more environmental print that begins with Mm than we knew what to do with. We added the environmental print to our environmental print wall door and my students are beginning to notice that letters aren't just in Pre-K-- they are all around us!

How do you use environmental print in your classroom?


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All About Letter Mm [and a freebie!]

Back again friends! I finally had a chance to snap some pictures and I'm excited to share how I taught all about the Letter Mm.

I introduce each letter with a "mystery bag." Inside said "mystery bag" are various objects that begin with the focus letter sound. I make a huge theatrical production of taking each item out and emphasizing the beginning sound "Mmmmmmmmmmonkey!" and "Mmmmmmmmose!" We then add our beginning sound pictures to our beginning sound picture wall that will eventually turn into our word wall when my little scholars are ready.

I always incorporate phonological and phonemic awareness during whole group and this week I reviewed the sounds from the previous weeks /k/, /h/ and /m/ to practice matching the pictures that have the same first sound..otherwise known as alliteration! Each student was given a picture and they took turns coming up and placing their picture on the /h/ /h/ heart, /k/ /k/ kettle, or /m/ /m/ mug. This activity also served as a great informal assessment.

This week we read the story Monsters in my Mailbox and my little scholars LOVED it! The monsters have names that rhyme (Winky, Finky, Stinky) and there is lots of use of the Letter Mm (they made mudpies, ate marshallows, etc). We had a special delivery in our classroom mailbox....a monster of our own! Tomorrow they will get to make little monsters to take home! :)

During centers my little scholars made the Letter Mm out of play foam--a totally fabulous alternative to playdough since it doesn't dry out, made macaroni Ms, made Letter Mm ABC necklaces, and searched for letters at the sensory table.

Students also reinforced their learning in whole group by using my beginning sounds practice pages to match the pictures that begin with the /m/ sound.

I also worked on concepts of print and phonics using this alphabet reader with small groups. Students read each page"/m/ /m/ monkey." My little scholars were thrilled that they knew how to "read!" You can grab the Letter Mm alphabet reader for free by clicking the picture below :) 
For the complete set of alphabet readers, click the picture below! 

Hope you are having a fabulous week! :)


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Back to School Update!

Hi long lost friends! I feel terrible that it has been a minute (or a few months) since I've blogged. I spent a month of the summer on a fabulous road trip! We drove from Mississippi to California to visit my family then up to Portland to see more family then drove from Portland back home to Mississippi.

A few days after we got home we had teacher in-service then school started before I knew it. I am teaching at a new school this year and teaching Pre-K so it was a chaotic first couple of weeks. Around the second week of school we found out my boyfriend has testicular cancer. He underwent surgery to remove it and is recovering well. I share this news only to spread awareness. Testicular cancer is the leading cancer in men 18-35 and is very treatable if caught early. My boyfriend is young, healthy and athletic--the guy ran a marathon with cancer--but as many of us know all too well, cancer doesn't discriminate. Encourage the men and boys in your life to perform self-exams. My boyfriend was lucky enough to catch it early because he did. Check out the The Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation for more information and resources!

I captured a picture of what we've been up to at school this past week. We follow a Letter of the Week curriculum and last week the letter was Kk. We made cute Letter Kk necklaces to reinforce our learning. We made them on Tuesday and some kiddos even wore there jewelry back to school on Wednesday. I LOVE when they are that excited about learning! Click the picture below to check my ABC Necklaces out.
ABC Necklaces from The Littlest Scholars
I'll be sure to snap more pictures this week to give you a better idea of what we're up to in Pre-K! Oh, and one more thing...I wore two pieces of jewelry this week, my Letter Kk necklace and this beauty :) My boyfriend fiance and I got engaged this week too!

 I'll be back tomorrow with more Pre-K happenings! 


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