More Addition and Subtraction Stories

Hi y'all! The BF and I just got home from a fabulous weekend. My grandparents flew in from California to meet us in New Orleans.

My wonderful grandparents!  

We stayed at the best little hotel in the French Quarter and had such a ball. My favorite part of the weekend has to be the haunted history tour of the city. We went at sun-down and walked to a variety of historic spots throughout the French Quarter. While the stories may have been embellished, that city has such a rich history its incredible. If you haven't been to New Orleans, I suggest you visit! There are plenty of family-friendly activities to do, I just wouldn't recommend walking down Bourbon Street with your wee ones! 

The BF and I before the Haunted History tour. 

Quite possible THE BEST part of the trip was stumbling upon this adorable mini-horse! He name is Autumn and I just about fell in love. I'm putting a mini-horse on Christmas list for next year! :) 

So, the real point of this post is to share what our addition and subtraction activities last week. We've been working on addition and subtraction for quite a can read about it [HERE] and [HERE]. I wanted my little scholars to synthesize their learning so I asked them to make up their own addition and subtraction stories AND write equations. They did such a fabulous job and had so much fun! We used these story mats that I made and whatever manipulatives they chose. We had bananas in a pool, dinosaurs camping, sheep on a farm, and frogs at the beach. What fun! 

Click the picture below to check them out!

Now its your do YOU teach addition and subtraction?

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