Ways to Make 5 Rainbow [Freebie!]

Happy Saturday friends! Y'all may have seen this

or this 

from this post a few weeks ago. I originally only made a Rainbow to 10 because the cute rainbow by KPM Doodles fit perfectly. Well, I had a request to make a rainbow for ways to make 5 so I emailed Kirsten from KPM Doodles and asked if I could edit the rainbow and she is awesome and said yes! So friends, here it is! Perfect for helping our kiddos become fluent in their facts to 5. Just click the picture to download it :)

Also, I forgot to tell y'all that I'm having a sale at my TPT store. Everything is 20% off until tonight at midnight...that means you can grab my Common Core aligned Spring Math and Literacy Centers for only $3.20! 

You get all this and more!

Just click my store button on the right sidebar to take you there! Hope you have a fab weekend y'all! 

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Cracked Up! [Freebie]

Happy Friday y'all! It was a wild week at school and I feel like its only going to get crazier as summer approaches. Only 8 weeks left! I had a box of Thin Mint cookies mysteriously vanish from my desk this week and we've yet to find the culprit. I tried the "be honest and you won't be in trouble approach", the "do I need to bring the school police officer in here?" approach and nothing worked. I went without my coveted Thin Mints and one of my little friends was very full from eating my entire box.

Moving on... In celebration of spring, beautiful weather, and my 4 day weekend for Easter and ...I've got a freebie to share. I had a request to make a sight word game for Easter like the Leprechaun's Gold game I posted for St. Patrick's Day, so of course I did! I've included Dolch Pre-Primer, Primer, and First word lists. Its played similar to "Boom!" or "Bang!" or whatever you may call it in your class. Just click the picture below to grab it from my TPT store. 

While I walked out of the kitchen to print the game, my sweet little Jackson found himself a delicious snack. I came back to pink Fun Dip sugar everywhere and here he is...caught pink pawed! At least it matches his pink harness (but that's a whole nother story)...

TGIF y'all!

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New Toy!

I came home today to the.best.present.ever. My BF surprised me with an iPad for my birthday! My birthday is in June but he thought I could use it now (um, yes!)...so I ask you dear friends, what are the apps, tricks, and tips that I need to about?

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Giveaway Winners!

Well...I said I'd post the winners at 6am but who was I kidding? I am feverishly running around my house trying to figure out what to wear, what to have for breakfast, and what I need to lug back to school at 6am. Can't blog from school because blogger is blocked and I just got home from school because we had our Kindergarten Family Night tonight. Our team planned Dr. Seuss-y activities and set up stations for the kiddos. We planned activities that required their parental help so it was great to see them all working together! 

Anyway, I managed to snap some pictures of our Spring Stations today...
Tally mark puzzles were a hit!

Sweet Spring Spin and Graph. Anyone else's paperclips come flying off? Tempted to just buy some spinners....

Cracked eggs alll over my floor!

Now, on to the giveaway winners... I could log on to random.org and do the random number generator 5 times and then make a fancy post about all those who won and copy and paste their comments and then be really sad about the people who didn't win, but I just worked a 13 hour day and I am exhausted. So, everyone who commented and left their email address (by the time this posts) gets my Spring Math and Literacy Station Packet! I know y'all are going to be so elated that you'll blog about it, go and like my TPT store, follow my blog, and tell all your teacher friends! ;)

Off to cuddle with my fur babies...I'll leave you with this picture my BF took while out with one of our pups, Jackson, on the river this weekend. Isn't he just presh?


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Spring Center Activities [and a Giveaway!]

Today we started my Spring Math and Literacy Activities and my kiddos had a ball! I didn't snap any pictures today (a surprise 45 minute observation from the superintendent will throw you a bit off track!) but I will post some tomorrow for sure. My packet is 149 pages with 7 Common Core aligned center or station activities, a bonus tally mark activity, and an emergent reader! You get...

...and an emergent reader and math facts within 5 fluency cards! You can grab it here! And for a little fun, leave a comment with your email address and I'll use random number generator tomorrow morning (around 6CST) to pick 5 friends who will receive a copy of this packet for f-r-e-e!  

Have a great evening y'all! 

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Farmer in the Dell Writing

What a week it has been y'all! I can't believe how quickly these weeks fly by. This week I changed things up in Writer's Workshop a bit. Some of my kiddos are still struggling with writing a sentence that makes sense and I was racking my brain for ways to help them become confident writers. I thought back to my days as a student teacher in California and what my absolutely a-mazing master teacher used to teach her English Language Learners writing. She used the "Farmer in the Dell" sentence patterning chart. This strategy is a Guided Language Acquisition Design strategy used to support ELLs. Although I do not teach ELLs, I thought I'd try this strategy out and see if it helped my most struggling kiddos.

I started whole group by reading a super simple story about a bunny (the bunny was going to be the subject of our writing). I then guided them in the creation of our sentence patterning chart. I had the chart headings and examples filled in before beginning the lesson. I first wrote "bunny" under the noun column because the bunny would be the subject of our writing. We then brainstormed words to describe the bunny and I wrote those in the adjective column. We reviewed verbs as action words and brainstormed some things that the bunny could be doing. I wrote the verbs under the verb column. Finally, we talked about where the bunny could be hiding, eating, and playing and I wrote their ideas under the prepositional phrase column. Here comes the fun part...I modeled reading a sentence by singing to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell." I placed a small sticky note next to the adjective, verb, and prepositional phrase that I wanted to use. It went a little something like this..."The cute bunny eats, the cute bunny eats, the cute bunny eats in the woods, the cute bunny eats." Get it? I know you're humming the tune of "Farmer in the Dell" right about now...

We sang the song a million few times as students came up and selected the adjective, verb, and prepositional phrase of their choice. We transitioned to our tables and I gave each table group a sentence strip with the word "the" and colored lines already written. Students looked at the chart and completed their sentence frame by filling in words of that color. I wish you could have heard their chorus of 'Farmer in the Dell" while they were doing this!

We concluded the lesson with each student completing a sentence frame independently. My struggling writers were so proud of themselves! Creating a "pattern" for writing sentences really helped my students recognize the rhythm of language and how words come together to make sense in a sentence.
"The small bunny eats in the woods." 
"The cute bunny eats in the grass." Sure is a cute bunny in the grass!
If you'd like to try this with your class, you can grab your own copy here. I printed mine in color but you can print in B & W and just draw the colored lines with marker.

I'm finishing up the last edits on my Spring Literacy and Match activities and it is almost 150 pages! How does that happen? I think I'm having way too much fun with it!

Have a great night!

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St. Patrick's Day Sale!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and my sister's birthday tomorrow, I'm throwing a sale. All the goodies in my TPT shop are 20% through tomorrow! I'm also working on my Spring Math and Literacy Pack that is already over 60 pages...get excited! Click any of the pictures below to take you to my shop...

You can get my DIYSpace Kid Spacers for $.80

or my Monster Munch Subtraction Game (also for $.80)

or if it is a Monster Math Pack you fancy...you can get this over 80 page pack for $3.20! It includes station or center activities for ten frame fun, addition, subtraction, time to the hour and half hour, tally marks, AND the Monster Munch Subtraction is included! 

Don't forget to wear green!

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Thank You and Linky Party

I survived my ski lesson without serious injury and may have had a little fun too! I've been hanging out at the cabin today because I.am.so.sore.I.cannot.move. I figured it was a great time to catch up in the blogging world!

Have you heard of Kindergarten Lifestyle's K-2 blog linky party? I bet you have because I am super late to this party. If you haven't click the picture below to link up!
Also, I have received a variety of awards over the past couple of weeks and finally had a chance to acknowledge the sweet bloggers for them!

Thank you to April from Fun 2B in First and Sheri from 1st Grade Rocks for the Liebster Award!

Thank you Michelle from Inspired by Kindergarten and April from Wolfelicious for the One Lovely Blog Award! You should check out all their blogs..they've got tons of good stuff! Michelle even has an entire April Math and Literacy Pack for f-r-e-e!

Y'all are just too sweet! I love blogging and it makes me so happy to know that a visit to my blog contributes even the tiniest bit to your classrooms and students!

Back to working on my Portfolio... 

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Spring Break! and Teachers Taking Care of Teachers...

Hi y'all! Tomorrow starts my first day of Spring Break...hallelujah! We drove up to North Carolina yesterday and will be staying in a gorgeous cabin for the next week. I will be taking my first ski lesson tomorrow and I'm not sure how I feel about learning alongside a bunch of non-grownups. Oh well, better late than never though...right? Let's hope my attempt at skiing doesn't turn out like this...

 Have you heard about the Teachers Taking Care of Teachers? Crystal from Kreative in Kinder is organizing some help for the schools that were devastated by the tornados this past week. This threat of tornados has become very real for me since moving to Mississippi. I actually sat in my classroom last week and thought about how devastating it would be to lose absolutely everything I have in my classroom. All the time spent making, cutting, and preparing things and all of my own money purchasing things that were not provided for me. I cannot imagine if I lost it all. I am going to help and I hope you are too! You can donate items from your TPT or TN store, donate items that students and teachers may need, or even write an encouraging note to help these teachers overcome such tragedy. Just click the picture below and it will take you to Kreative in Kinder where you can leave a comment with your email address and Krystal will get you in contact with a school in need of help.

Happy Sunday!

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I'm avoiding working on my Portfolio entries at all costs so I thought I'd link up [for my first time ever!] with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the March Currently.

Barefoot because you will never see me wearing shoes, sandals, socks, ANYTHING covering my feet unless I absolutely have to. Second to being barefoot? These babies. 
I wore nothing but Rainbow flip flops when I lived in CA...if only it was as socially acceptable here in MS. 

Well friends, back to my Portfolio...[I'm thinking I'll be typing that a lot in the next month or so.]

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Ways to Make 5 and 10..Rainbows of Fun!

Ways to Make 5

We've been working on our fluency of addition and subtraction facts to 5 and my little scholars are getting so good at it! I found this gem on Pinterest and today we made our own version. We made an anchor chart for the ways to make 5 and we'll soon make one for ways to make 10.

My little scholars each made their own rainbow of ways to make 5 to keep in their math folders. They recorded the ways to make 5 on the recording sheet. You can grab the ways to make 5 printables here! 

We played a fun little partner game to build their fluency of facts within 5 called "Hiding in My Hand." Give each pair 5 pom poms or other small manipulatives. One of your little scholars will divide the pom poms up (2 in one hand, 3 in the other or 4 in one hand, 1 in the other, etc.) and show their partner the pom poms in one hand. The partner has to figure out how many pom poms are missing, building their fluency of facts within 5. 

We also used these Duplo blocks to show the different ways of making 5. 

Ways to Make 10

I've also started prepping my ways to make 10 activities.  My favorite materials to use for teaching this unit are pom poms and bingo daubers. We'll play "Hiding in My Hand" with 10 pom poms and do some other activities my little scholars will love!

We'll be making our Poppin' Pairs of 10 books. My little scholars will keep these in their math folders and at the end of the unit will be able to take them home. 

I make up songs for almost everything, so teaching ways to make 10 is no exception. We'll be learning this song, "I  Can Make 10." This song is in Poppin' Pairs of 10 unit. 

Bubble Gum Drop might be my favorite activity in this unit! My little scholars will open a plastic container, dump out the pom poms, and record the combination of 10 on the recording sheet. 

We'll use these mats during small group. These mats are from my Poppin' Pairs of 10 unit

I got these trays from Goodwill and have found so many uses for them! We'll use them to make ten during small groups. 

I  also made copies of the ways to make 10 rainbow for each of my little scholars to keep in his/her math folder and a recording sheet to write all the ways to make 10. You can grab both the rainbow and recording sheet printables here!

Check out my Poppin' Pairs of 10 unit that includes 4 center activities with recording sheets, "I    Can" cards, 2 mini books, posters, a chant, a song, printables and more! 

Pin the image below to save this post for later! 


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