Crazy Weather=Freebie!

We are having same cuh-razy weather right now and a huge storm (including a tornado warning....yikes!) is headed our way. I was planning on getting to bed early tonight but I just can't get to sleep until I know the storm has passed. I've been working on a Monster Math pack for a while now and was hoping to finish it this week and I thought since I'm still up I'd give you a sneak peek! The pack will include number words, tallying, telling time to the hour and half hour, patterns, and addition. Are there any skills that you would like me to include? 

Head over to my TPT store to grab it! Let me know what you think, I'd LOVE some honest feedback!

Update: If you are one of the 10 who have already downloaded it, do me a favor and grab the edited version. This fear of tornados got the best of me and I forgot how to number, apparently! :) 


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100th Day!

Today was our 100th day and it was quite chaotic! Even with this short week, we managed to squeeze in everything we needed to and have a mini-celebration for being 100 days smarter! We made 100 day necklaces and these too cute gum ball machines. I pre-cut the patterns and the kiddos counted to 100 and used [affiliate link] bingo dot markers to make 100 gumballs.  

 Here they are hanging in the hallway!
 (Don't mind the green dots, my kiddos pictures are attached to the clothespins their work hangs on.)

I made these labels and just stuck them on each gumball machine...too easy and super cute! Thinking about doing this with your class? You can grab the labels right here! Just print them on [affiliate link] Avery 5164 shipping labels (or any other 3 1/3" x 4" label). Happy 100th day!

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Do you Read Well?

The reading curriculum, that is! I've only stumbled upon a small handful of blogs from teachers who use the Read Well curriculum.  I've been creating and collecting lots of resources to supplement the curriculum and would love to share if there are any Read Well teachers out there! For those who aren't familiar with the program, Read Well is a scripted K-3 reading curriculum that covers both whole group and small group instruction. The whole group component incorporates trade literature books as well as "Storybooks" from the curriculum in weekly units based around a theme (this week its bees, next week its gardening/flowers). As we learn a new letter/sound each week, we complete an ABC Scrapbook Project, ABC Art Project, and journal entry that fits in with the theme. The small group component includes lessons for differentiated instruction as prescribed interventions (who doesn't love that?!). Students are grouped and placed in "Units" (beginning with Prelude A and ending with Unit 20) and do not move on to the next unit until passing the unit test that includes decoding, sight word recognition, letters/sounds, and fluency. Small group decodable texts are read as "duets" so while students are practicing decoding skills, we are still emphasizing comprehension as I read the rich content and students read the decodable sentences or phrases. I'll take some pictures tomorrow so you can see what its all about! 

Enough about Read Well, I could go on and on but this growing mound of paperwork is glaring at me. Happy Wednesday! 


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What A Day!

I've spent quite an exorbitant amount of time in my room lately. You know when you just get the urge to rearrange and reorganize EVERYTHING? Started with the bulletin boards, word wall, my math station tubs, then my literacy station tubs...meanwhile I have a million things I actually should be doing but I can't let it go. What is wrong with me?! Perhaps its all the posts from Clutter Free Classroom and I am feeling guilty inspired. 

Anyway, I revamped my writing bulletin board (well, more like butcher paper I just staple gunned straight to my wall..oops!) with some inspiration from the one and only Pinterest! I created student friendly versions of the Developmental Writing Continuum (what our district uses to assess kiddos' writing) and hung all of their latest writing samples from clothespins. Just printed out yet another set of class photos and I'll stick those on the clothespin so we can easily tell who the writing belongs to. 

Happy Hump Day! Hope y'all enjoy the rest of your week!


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Oops! and a New Freebie

Did anyone else catch the tiny mistake in the Pirate Addition pack? Thank you, Carin, for pointing it out! I'm such a perfectionist so I cannot believe I would post something with a mistake for the whole wide web to see. Alas, you can grab the edited version right here!

It was a whirlwind of a week with only 3 days of school and so much to cram in! I was working on my math work stations a bit this week and made a new I Can Chart for ten frame fun. You can grab the I Can Chart, ten frame, and math talk card right here! 

My Donors Choose project was funded over the holiday break (Hallelujah!) so I will be receiving an LCD projector soon! While I don't have a SmartBoard or Promethean board, I have installed the software on my Mac so I can use flipcharts. Does anyone have any calendar or math meeting flipcharts they would love to share? In the meantime, I'll be playing around with the software and you can bet I'll post anything I create! 

Have a fab-u-lous weekend!


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What a Sweet Surprise!

I just got back from my cruise and I'm attempting to get my life back in order. We go back for staff development for tomorrow then kiddos on Wednesday and I feel like I am nowhere near ready!
I'll be writing more later once I get my life in order but in the meantime I have to tell you about the sweetest surprise I came home to! As soon as I was able to access wifi (not the ridiculous $49.99 per minute on the cruise!) I checked my followers went from 18 to 52! Can you believe that? I love to talk kindergarten and would do so with anyone that will allow it...and it appears I have 52 new bloggy friends to share my passion with! All of your comments are so sweet and I truly appreciate all of them! 
I also received a blog award from TWO new bloggy friends (shout out to Ms. Solano and Ms. Kerri!). 

Here are the rules of this award: 
1.  Thank the person who nominated you with a link back to them. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Y'all are too sweet! :) 

Ms. Kerri and Her Krazy Kindergarten

2. Tell 7 things about yourself . Well, here goes...

1. I have two little puppies named Jackson and Duncan. 
(You're in love, right?)

2. I'm obsessed with the sour belt candy from Sweet Factory (or any candy store for that matter).
3. I live over 2 hours from a shopping mall (or a Michael's, teacher supply store, Whole Foods...anyone else living the rural life and feel my pain?)
4. I could eat cookies 'n cream ice cream everyday and not get tired of it.
5. My crock pot is my most favorite.thing.ever. Who doesn't love to come home to a dinner that's ready to eat? 
6. I have a terrible habit of biting my nails. I've been doing it ever since I can remember...besides putting hot sauce nail polish on, anyone have any suggestions?
7. I love, love, love blogging and this little community of passionate teachers we've got going on! What do you say we keep it going? 

3. Pass this on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know they've received an award!

I have become obsessed with so many blogs lately that its hard to choose only 15, but here goes... 

Okay, so that's not 15 but I've exhausted my search for blogs who haven't been awarded yet. I still love you all the same though! :)


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